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New Opportunities

Government organisations across the globe are facilitating grassroot innovation, new concepts & recognising efforts of innovators for creating value for the economy. Policy makers role in facilitating small innovators is rapidly transforming the economic landscape. The concept is to empower small, medium, large self help groups to create more opportunities & prosperity. In India concept like GTIAF, NIRD focuses on grassroot innovation & technology - towards sustainable development & uplifting rural economy.

Problem Solving

We believe government & industry both play very important role in economic development. We always recommend innovative problem solving approach for effective decision making - root cause analysis, morphological analysis, lateral thinking. Some of our challenges & solutions will focus on transportation, reducing carbon footprint, trade, technology.

Redesigning Strategy

Organisations trying to mitigate covid-19 economic fallout & human toll by ensuring workplace safety, increasing liquidity & keeping supply chains moving. We help organisations handling their most important elements for successful recovery.


Businesses can reduce the risk of losing key markets by ensuring they have alternative option. Diversification into new markets can bring resilience, drive economies of scale, maintain competitive advantage with effective planning & access to resources.

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